How to convert PDF to Excel document: convert PDF to XLS or XLSX on the computer, mobile phone

Convert PDF to Excel document: A PDF document has its advantages, however, editing tables in PDF is not always easy. In a situation where you are working with a table extract in PDF document or just want to edit some text in spreadsheet format,

It is always better to convert that PDF into a .xlsx file or an Excel document. Keep reading this article because I show you how to convert a PDF to an Excel document.

How to Convert PDF to Excel online (Computer, mobile)

The first method is that it is absolutely free and works on computers and mobiles (all operating systems including Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS). Using this method, you do not even need to download the app on your device. Follow these steps given below.

  1. Go to
  2. Choose PDF to Excel.
  3. Click on Select PDF file to select the PDF from your device.
  4. After the file upload is complete, click Convert to EXCEL.
  5. Click Download EXCEL to save the changed Excel document.

How to Convert PDF to Excel on Android, iPhone

In this method you have to download a third-party app that allows you to convert a PDF to Excel on your iOS or Android mobile device and it works only if your device has an active Internet connection. Follow these steps to convert PDF to Excel on an iOS or Android mobile device.

  1. Download PDF to Excel Converter via airSlate from the App Store. The app on Google Play is called the Alto PDF Excel converter.
  2. Open the app on iPhone or Android.
  3. Load the PDF you want to convert to Excel.
  4. After selecting the file, convert to the top-right
  5. Click on Download.
  6. The new spreadsheet will now be downloaded to your iPhone or Android. You can access and edit it on Microsoft Excel.

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